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Edition Matt3o Eclipse

Luna Rossa

Perhaps no one in the recent history of mechanical keyboards has been a greater change agent than Matteo Spinelli, better known online as Matt3o. Leading grassroots projects with widespread support, he’s designed dozens of creations that have simultaneously advanced the artform of keyboard design and drawn from its rich history. In celebration of this great designer, we invited Matt3o to create the Edition Matt3o Eclipse - Luna Rossa. Based on the 70 Eclipse framework, this design pushes the WhiteFox Eclipse in an exhilarating new direction. With an anodized colorway that shifts from magenta to fire-red, this limited edition board captures Matt3o’s iconoclastic spirit.

GMK MTNU Susu Keycaps

The Matt3o-designed GMK PBT keycaps, featuring sculpted, spherical tops, are so comfortable you won’t want to leave your keyboard.

Anodized Red Colorway

Specifically chosen by Matt3o, the colorway of the machined anodized aluminum case color-shifts from magenta to fire-red in the light.


Work wirelessly over fast-response Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy (BLE) or wired via USB-C.

Battery Life

Work for up to a week on a single charge under regular use thanks to a 4,000mAh battery.

QMK/VIA Programmability

Customize RGB color profiles, layers across different operating systems, and so much more.

[The new case is] really amazing…The color goes from purple to magenta to fire-red. This anodization is spectacular.